Jurnal Pendidikan Nusantara 2022-09-10T14:21:41+07:00 Mohamad Furqon, M.Pd.I Open Journal Systems <p>e-Journal STKIP NU Kabupaten Tegal dikelola oleh LPPM STKIP NU Kabupaten Tegal.<br />Jurnal Pendidikan NUsantara merupakan Jurnal yang dikelola oleh LPPM STKIP NU Kabupaten Tegal. Jurnal ini mempunyai scope antara lain:<br />1. Pendidikan Karakter<br />2. Psikologi Pendidikan<br />3. Pendidikan Ekonomi<br />4. Pendidikan Informatika<br />5. Manajemen Pendidikan<br />6. Sosial dan Humaniora<br />7. Keaswajaan</p> <hr style="border: 1px solid #dddddd;" /> <p>ISSN: <a href=";1599156360&amp;1&amp;&amp;2020" target="_blank" rel="noopener">2745-8342</a></p> <p><a href=";1599156360&amp;1&amp;&amp;2020" target="_blank" rel="noopener"><img src="" alt="" width="124" height="84" /></a></p> INNOVATIONS IN THE BENEFITS OF MICROSOFT TEAMS IN THE IMPLEMENTATION OF MICROTEACHING ONLINE OPEN UNIVERSITY 2022-09-10T14:21:41+07:00 Dadang Bagus Sancaya Dadang <p>The preparation of this research was based on the covid-19 pandemic that hit the world. This directly demands creation and innovation in various sectors of human life, one of which is the world of education. Innovation and creation are a must in the development of the world of education. These learning media have been widely used, especially digital integrated learning media, one of the innovative platforms for use in distance learning is Microsoft Teams. Microsoft Teams is a platform used in S1 PGSD remote lectures at UPBJJ Open University Semarang. This research was conducted on April 2022 – May 2022. The research sample was 73 students of the Elementary School Teacher Education Study Program, UPBJJ Open University Semarang. The results obtained were obtained by 93.15% of students thinking that Microsoft Teams is easily accessible, 54.79% think it is easy to implement, and 43.83% think that Microsoft Teams features are available but need to be updated. The data shows that the majority of students are able to integrate Microsoft Teams into the Integrated Learning (Microteaching) lecture process and are able to elaborate it well. So it is concluded that the use of Microsoft Teams is effective in innovating distance learning.</p> 2022-09-22T00:00:00+07:00 Copyright (c) 2022 Jurnal Pendidikan Nusantara STUDENT SELF-STUDY ANALYSIS ON ONLINE LEARNING 2022-06-21T10:33:59+07:00 yubali ani Mursining Kusuma Wardhani <p><em>Independent learning when online learning is carried out by the entire community in the field of education. The occurrence of the COVID-19 pandemic has had the impact of change for the sake of change, and this in particular, affects the way students learn. Students are required to study independently from their respective homes with limited facilities and infrastructure. The aims and objectives of this research are to find out: 1) the difficulties of independent learning in online learning, and 2) solutions in dealing with difficulties in online learning. This study used a survey approach using questionnaires, data analysis techniques used percentages, and the research subjects consisted of 30 students. The results obtained are: 1) the difficulty of independent learning experienced by students from internal factors, namely students still rarely set learning goals and strategies in online learning, so this makes them not optimal for independent study. Meanwhile, from external factors, namely the lack of facilities and infrastructure that can be used by students to study independently; and 2) independent learning solutions carried out by students, namely: discussing with friends, and asking the teacher when they do not understand the material being studied.</em></p> 2022-09-11T00:00:00+07:00 Copyright (c) 2022 Jurnal Pendidikan Nusantara EFFECTIVE AND EFFICIENT MANAGEMENT OF SCHOOL RESOURCES DURING THE COVID 19 PANDEMIC AT STATE ELEMENTARY SCHOOL NUMBER 14 ROMO DUGINANG 2022-06-23T04:41:02+07:00 Samuddin Samuddin <p>The COVID-19 pandemic has had a huge impact on the implementation of education in Indonesia, from big cities to small cities. This situation has drastically changed the face-to-face learning system into online learning which in the end forced educators to adapt in utilizing technology in delivering learning materials to students. This situation is also a challenge for the principal as a manager in a school who plays an important role in the success of education. The purpose of this paper is to find out, explain and analyze the management of school resources at SDN No. 14 Romo Duginang during the covid-19 pandemic. The method used in writing scientific articles uses interviews with educators, students and parents of students as well as literature review related to conditions in the field and then the data will be analyzed descriptively.</p> 2022-09-11T00:00:00+07:00 Copyright (c) 2022 Jurnal Pendidikan Nusantara EXTERNAL FACTORS THAT INFLUENCE BIOLOGY LEARNING OUTCOMES FOR CLASS XI MIPA SMA NEGERI 37 JAKARTA DURING THE COVID-19 PANDEMIC 2022-07-14T09:31:40+07:00 Fajar Adinugraha Andriyan Ino Ponto Riska Septia Wahyuningtyas <p>The aims of this research include: 1) to describe the external factors of Class XI MIPA students at SMA Negeri 37 Jakarta; and 2) to analyze the relationship of students' external factors to the learning outcomes of Biology Class XI MIPA SMA Negeri 37 Jakarta. The survey method was used in this study. The questionnaire was given to 148 respondents and was declared valid. The dominant external factors in class XI MIPA SMA Negeri 37 Jakarta sequentially are family environment factors &gt; school environmental factors = parental education environment = friends factor &gt; community environmental factors = time factor. The value of student learning outcomes in class XI MIPA SMAN 37 is above the KKM with an average of 76.13. There is a positive relationship/correlation between external factors and Biology learning outcomes for students of class XI MIPA SMAN 37 Jakarta. The very low correlation coefficient may be caused by other external factors, including zoom fatigue, limited network/signal, and limited internet quota owned by students</p> 2022-09-11T00:00:00+07:00 Copyright (c) 2022 Jurnal Pendidikan Nusantara IMPROVING JAVASCRIPT READING SKILLS USING HANACARAKA CARD-ASSED SCRABBLE GAME 2022-07-15T11:17:37+07:00 Tri Hastuti <p><em>The formulation of the problem in this research is how the learning process, how much improvement in Javanese script reading skills, and changes in student behavior using card games with Javanese letter card media in fourth grade students of SDN Keputran 04. This CAR was carried out in two cycles. There was a change in learning behavior from the aspects of attention, response, responsibility, the way students responded and the students' activities in journaling. The values of cooperative, orderly, critical, and confident character look good. Pre-cycle results 5 (28%) of students completed and 13 (72%) did not complete. The class average is 64.4. Cycle 1 class average 68.3, Cycle 2 class average 81.94.</em></p> 2022-09-11T00:00:00+07:00 Copyright (c) 2022 Jurnal Pendidikan Nusantara